Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Green coffee bean is a safe and effective way to lose weight. Along with that comes a warning – you must choose the right supplement in order to get the results you want. It is more important than ever that you choose the one that’s the real thing – one that contains the same extract used in the proven clinical studies that has the highest concentration of Chlorogenic Acid available and provides the recommended dosage for maximum weight loss, which is 1050 mg.

With Green Coffee Speed Slim you can follow the exact same regimen that was used in the successful clinical studies. It’s been proven to help individuals just like you lose weight at a quicker rate than they thought possible. 

Feel confident knowing Green Coffee Speed Slim meets all of the criteria for a high quality product, ensuring that you have every advantage to lose the weight you want and finally start working effectively towards the slim figure you’ve always wanted.

How to Choose the right Coffee Bean Extract

  • The kind of extract used in a green coffee bean supplement makes all the difference when you’re trying to lose weight. GC Speed Slim uses the purest and highest quality Green Coffee Bean on the market. 50% Chlorogenic Acid guaranteed.
  • The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Extract prevents the liver's release of glucose into the blood stream so that the body has no other choice but to metabolize stored fat into glucose. Many supplements have less than 50% chlorogenic acid, with some even ranging from 10% to 35%.
  • Take a look at our Comparison Chart!

See the Green Coffee Bean DIFFERENCE

Don’t get fooled by imitations.
Get the ONLY green coffee bean extract that is proven to work through clinical studies.

There are many manufacturers who claim to have the best formula of Green Coffee available. Don’t let yourself be fooled by outrageous claims and cheap imitations. Get exactly what was recommended in the University of Scranton study. Scientists know what works and what doesn’t! Get Green Coffee Speed Slim Capsules. See why our product compares so well against others and ORDER TODAY.

Get exactly what the study recommends. See benefits of GC SPEED SLIM

Other Green Coffee Bean Products Green Coffee Speed Slim Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Careful: Some products contain green coffee extract but also contain cheap fillers or byproducts. Green Coffee Speed Slim Capsules NEVER contains fillers.

50% Chlorogenic Acid

With Green Coffee Speed Slim you know you are getting the same potent levels of chorogenic acid used in the famous weight-loss study. Don’t settle for anything less. 45% is simply not enough to shed body fat.

No Fillers

Made from 100% pure Green Coffee Beans.

Immediate Shipping

We ship your order on the next business day. Other companies pretend to offer fast shipping, but the fine print will say up to 4 weeks.
Up to
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At GC Extract we care about one thing, your weight loss goal.

100% Pure Green Coffee Speed Slim Capsules will help you get there!