Ingredient information for GC Speed Slim Capsules

We believe it is important for consumers to make an informed choice when purchasing a product, especially when it is to be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Each bottle of GC Speed Slim Capsules contains 60 easy to swallow capsules. Each capsule contains 350 mg of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract that is standardized to contain 50% Chlorogenic Acid. We only use coffee beans that are ethically sourced from environmentally considerate suppliers.

GC Speed Slim Capsules were specifically developed to exactly reproduce the High Dose clinical trial protocols. Details of the clinical trials that resulted in dramatic weight loss and reduction in total Body Mass Index can be found here. The protocol that was established was for the consumption of 350 mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract containing 50% Chlorogenic Acid, three times per day. When you purchase GC Speed Slim Capsules you are following the exact same protocol. This is not the case with other retailers, and we urge you to be very careful when choosing where to purchase your Green Bean Coffee Extract.

GC Speed Slim Capsules are produced in a Certified Good Manufacturing Process facility (cGMP) and are fully inspected and tested to be 100% free of any contaminants. Each bottle is double safety sealed, and comes with a child-resistant cap. Printed on the bottom of every bottle is the Lot Number, Date of Manufacture and Expiry. GC Speed Slim Capsules are proudly declared to be animal cruelty free!

Olivia P.
I have been trying to lose weight for almost a year since my son was born and have lost maybe 5 pounds in the last 10 months. I tried GC Speed Slim and felt great immediately. More Energy, less snacks in between meals. Even my husband has noticed! Read Olivia’s Success Story
Anna R.
My doctor recommended I should lose weight and change my diet. My husband had ordered the 3 bottles and got 2 free ones. Needless to say I took one of the free bottles. After using one full bottle my husband noticed two things: One bottle was missing, and my flattened belly! Read Anna’s Success Story